About Us

About Inspire Your Truth

Inspire Your Truth Empowerment & Creative Center is a place where people can gather and connect on all levels for spiritual growth and joy. It is a place to teach and guide others to live in a new way. It is where you can get answers for yourself, connect to your Spirit, and connect with others.

As we journey through life we are always creating and there are times when we may feel lost, confused, or question our purpose. If you are feeling this way or experiencing life changes or challenges and need some direction Inspire Your Truth can help.

We are about self-love and acceptance, and supporting you with life skills to live on the path of joy, peace, and well-being. We inspire you to live your most joyful and authentic self.

We also like to have fun at Inspire Your Truth.

We offer events and various classes ranging from Meditation, Art & Creativity, Metaphysical and Spiritual, Sound Healing, Angel Messages, Tea gatherings, Drumming, Shamanism, Feng Shui, and more. See our Events/Class Schedule

We have Practitioners and Intuitive Readers that offer guidance. Please see Readers section for more information and to schedule an appointment.

About Elena Hayden, Owner

I was inspired to open Inspire Your Truth Empowerment & Creative Center to have a place where people could go to if they are wanting to grow, needing clarity, seeking more purpose, wanting to learn life skills in a new way, as well as, offering laughter and connection with others.
I am a Certified Soul Coach and assisting others create the life they truly desire brings me joy. I have always been interested in understanding the meaning of life, purpose, human interaction and relationship, truth, and love. Interacting with others and learning what makes them unique, seeing their inner beauty, and how they express themselves has always delighted me. It is so important that people know who they are- what makes them excited to get up in the morning and know what makes their heart sing.

Trained and educated in many spiritual modalities, my main gift is using my natural gifts of intuition and listening with my compassionate presence. This allows others to be free to express themselves fully and be who they are. When they open up, they can recognize when they speak from truth, as well as, knowing when they are not speaking or living their truth. When a client becomes aware of what’s working or not working in their life, they have a choice to make changes. I guide and support them on moving forward.

As the world has evolved and changed, the old ways of navigating life have changed. It is time to shift into the new ways of life and choose to live and create a life that truly fulfills you.

I have helped many people who have needed guidance and clarity. I look forward to interacting with you. For more information on my services, please go to my website: www.findyourtruthguide.com or call for an appointment at 916-769-8096