Elena Hayden

Free to be you and live your truth!

My name is Elena Hayden and my true passion in life is guiding others; allowing them to discover their true essence and authentic self through reconnecting with their Soul.

Using my natural gifts of intuition and listening allows you to express yourself freely and receive your own clarity and answers to life’s questions.

One of the most precious gifts we can give another human being is to be present; to hear them and to see them”

 What is Soul Coaching?®

Soul Coaching® is the process of assisting clients remove emotional and mental blocks in order to clearly hear the soul’s messages and own inner wisdom.  As your Soul Coach, I can help guide you to find your true inner spirit, discover your authentic self, and allow you to understand the true meaning of your life.

How is your life working?

  • Do you question who you are and what your purpose or mission is?
  • Do you know what your natural gifts and talents are? Are you expressing them?
  • Are you yearning for more?  Do you know what makes you feel alive?
  • Do you know what you want?
  • Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, tired, or wonder if you are on the right track?
  • Have you recently had a life change or desire to change your life?
  • Are you contemplating a major decision and wondering which direction to take?
  • Do you feel success in most areas of your life, but wonder if there is more?

There are answers to all of these questions and you have them within you!

If you can relate to any of these questions and desire to make some decisions or changes in your life, allow me to guide you to your truth.

For an appointment, call: (916) 769-8096

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